No sensation links with memory stronger than smell. This is why we have developed our custom software controlled fragrance units, to create atmospheric VR experiences that will certainly not be forgotten.

Our ‘VRagrance’ systems create direct links between virtual experiences and our real world senses by delivering scents that are released intuitively at designated points within any experience. You see a cookie in VR, you smell the cookie in real life. You’re placed into a VR forest scene, you smell the pine trees in real life. You get the idea.

Now on version 4, our in-house designed systems deliver synchronised micro-doses of a selection from over 200 custom scents direct to the user. The software control reacts to the virtual environments but also the users actions and interactions within the experience.

The unique design creates a high spike, localised, short term scent around the viewer and can be run for many hours within small environments.

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