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Digital Reality Development.

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We know our technology, you know your market – let’s see if we can develop a relationship to get the best from both.

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We develop World leading Digital Reality solutions in our UK studio – everything from design and modelling, advanced recognition, 3D immersive experiences and app deployment is completed in-house.

We have modelled our VR/AR services to fit around your available resources so that you can optimise project delivery.
Our partner services are designed to seamlessly fit with your clients needs and we can take a passive or active role with stakeholder communications.

We are, and will remain, the premier resource for all areas of digital realities development.

Our Services.

Digital Reality Is Our World.

3D Design

In-house environment and object modelling, animation and texturing.

Motion Capture

Single and multi-camera live performance, app or studio motion capture of face and/or body movements.


Custom interactivity, user analysis and web back-end system design and development.


Detailed design for visual interaction and user journeys with apps and experiential installations.


Object, image, facial, body and geo-based recognition systems for mobile or installed developments.


Hardware and software installation for public or restricted access events.

Concept Developments

Specialist idea and proof of concept development for progression internally and with potential investors.


On-line customer management systems for statistics, feedback and dialogue during AR interactions.