About Us
Digital Realities ... and only Digital Realities

Harmony are an innovations based digital realities company.
We do not produce or develop technologies outside of Augmented and Virtual Reality meaning that we work along side the biggest agencies and brands delivering leading edge solutions for a wide variety of uses.

In the studio, we have 3D designers and animators alongside AR/VR developers with many years of experience in creating experiential, product and packaging based and industrial solutions.

Augmented Reality Development
Immersive Reality Development
AR/VR Equipment Hire

Hardware and Software innovation is core to our work…

  • Custom Motion Seats for “Sickness Free” VR movement
  • Software Controlled Scent Delivery
  • EEG linked VR experiences to interact with thought
  • In-house designed 3D360 Filming Equipment
  • Award winning product Design


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