Virtual Reality Development

Virtual Reality Development

We develop virtual reality (VR) applications and installations for corporate usage and public distribution.

We work with brands and agencies worldwide to create stand out, interactive, immersive content that taps into not only the mind, but also the body.

The uses for VR are constantly evolving and we are always seeking out new and innovative ways to harness the technology. So, if you have an idea for a project – get in touch!

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Virtual reality is a technology that enables us to generate digital simulations of 3D environments and images and interact with them in seemingly real ways with the help of specialist equipment.

The key attraction to VR lays in its ability to visually transport users to any location or situation in a matter of seconds. While we agree this is pretty incredible, we think visual immersion is only the tip of the iceberg.

Involvement from multiple sensory inputs is essential in creating truly real feeling experiences, which is exactly why we have developed a custom multi-sensory VR system called EEVR (enhanced environment virtual reality) that combines visuals,  spatial audio, motion, virtual touch, scent and EEG monitoring to create unique and deeply immersive VR experiences.

Our technologies are one of a kind – you simply won’t find immersive VR quite like this anywhere else.

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Virtual Reality can work as a more creative path for communicating and inspiring audiences.

[beau_icon_box icon_type=”fa” icon_fa=”fa fa-smile-o” icon_size=”50″ title=”ENTERTAIN” css_animation=”fadeIn”]See the world from a new perspective. Create realistic or fantasy environments to experience and explore.[/beau_icon_box]
[beau_icon_box icon_type=”fa” icon_fa=”fa fa-graduation-cap” icon_size=”50″ title=”EDUCATE” css_animation=”fadeIn”]Simulate any desired situation or process and experience it first hand using 360 VR.[/beau_icon_box]

Within these main usage areas the applications for the technology are plentiful. Some of which include:

  • Gaming – add unique interactivity and immersion to gaming.
  • Marketing – create campaigns that interact directly with consumers.
  • Education – simulate processes and situations with the highest extent of realism.
  • Healthcare – visualise and demonstrate processes and procedures, even on microscopic scales.
  • Travel –  transport users into any vehicle or destination within minutes.
  • Real Estate – simulate what it’s like to stand inside architectural developments before they’re even built.
  • Product Visualisation – preview what a product may look or work like in various environments, sizes, colours, shapes and styles.
  • Training and Troubleshooting – present ideas and information in 3D and create more efficient learning methods.
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Our virtual reality experiences can be produced for a range of platforms. We can create content in the form of videos or applications suitable for smart devices, social media or consumer headsets, or alternatively we can design fully immersive experiential installations that utilise our custom EEVR motion chairs, software controlled fragrance, virtual touch and EEG monitoring. This type of experience is most effective for event or exhibition usage.

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Our VR development service is comprised of three main areas.

[beau_icon_box icon_type=”fa” icon_fa=”fa fa-cube” icon_size=”50″ title=”CONTENT CREATION” css_animation=”fadeIn”]We discuss and form a creative plan with our clients. Our team of designers, 3D modellers and animators then create the content needed for the experience.[/beau_icon_box]
[beau_icon_box icon_type=”fa” icon_fa=”fa fa-desktop” icon_size=”50″ title=”DEVELOPMENT” css_animation=”fadeIn”]Our developers then build and test the experience ready to use on the desired platforms (public or private).[/beau_icon_box]
[beau_icon_box icon_type=”fa” icon_fa=”fa fa-exchange” icon_size=”50″ title=”MAINTENANCE” css_animation=”fadeIn”]With the addition of maintenance fees we continue to manage and update the experience application to ensure it runs smoothly with software updates.[/beau_icon_box]