Cummins are the World leaders in the design and manufacture of turbines, generators, and alternators. In conjunction with their creative partners, Artisan, we created a method of using AR for the product launch, press, customer support and a long-term sales campaign.

The final app allowed users to visualise, compare and explore the products and their different sections, read key information about the components and watch video demonstrations.

Why AR?

We have created a large range of product demonstration applications for global clients. These types of apps usually work in one of two ways – by recognising the product itself and materialising animations, overlays and information directly onto the relevant parts of the product or by using a flat image target to trigger a 3D representation of a product that isn’t physically there.

By using augmented reality to display products and functions in 3D it can  significantly reduce training and troubleshooting costs, as users can physically see and interact with the products and instructions, creating a similar level of effectiveness as if they were getting face-to-face training.

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