Brittany Ferries

All aboard! Brittany Ferries invites you on a virtual reality voyage to explore the world beneath the surface…

Brittany Ferries work hard to deliver enjoyable and memorable trips to all of their customers, which is why their on board entertainment is of such high importance. This is also why they came to us when they decided they wanted to take their entertainment options to the next level and create a completely unique offering for their passengers.

We created an immersive experience exclusively for Brittany Ferries that allows users to see what goes on under the hull of their ships and discover the vibrant and lively world that lives below. Passengers can put on a headset and be transported into our colourful 3D underwater world where they can swim with dolphins, gaze at graceful turtles and even explore a ship wreck…but that’s not all. Have you ever seen a blue whale up close? No? You won’t be able to say that after taking a turn on this experience.

Brittany Ferries have been greatly pleased with the experience and reactions from the public. This free on board adventure not only stuns passengers with it’s beautiful visuals and captivating wildlife, but it has also given many people the chance to experience virtual reality for the first time and take part on an adventure they’re not likely to forget in a hurry.

“The underwater VR activity has been really popular with our passengers, and fits well with our increasing use of tech-driven entertainment. We will certainly use VR & AR in the future.”

Since the initial project…

We now offer two kinds of virtual reality experiences for Brittany Ferries. Passengers have the choice of watching the underwater diving experience or taking a virtual tour of Brittany Ferries’ most visited destinations where they can see the sites in stunning 360 whilst learning about top attractions.

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