Explore the Brain in Augmented Reality!

We are delighted to announce our new release on the Microsoft Holostore of the hugely successful Brain AR app. Now in its 3rd version the app is used in Universities, Schools and at home to interactively learn about brain anatomy – and the best bit is it’s free!

Explore the brain like never before. Dive deep into the mind and discover the body’s most complex organ and learn about the skin, muscles, skeleton,  respiratory and circulatory systems that surround. You can choose to view the mind in AR or switch to a 3D mode within the device and rotate with your fingers. The three dimensional models are colour coded to provide clear, concise and easy to follow views of the brain.

The app provides an advanced and interactive view of the head and mind which is perfect for educational demonstrations, learning at home or just the enjoyment of finding out more about how our inner-selves work.

How to Use

1.Download the free app from the app stores

2.Print out the target image (not required on hololens) located here new.harmony.co.uk/brainapp

3. Launch the app and point your device at the target. It’s as simple as that!

See the app in action below (demo taken from smart device app):

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