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The Perks of using Virtual Reality to Train Employees

Covid-19 has affected businesses in many ways throughout the past year, however, training is one area that should not have been! With an increasingly remote based workforce, we have developed the perfect online training platform! Not only does this benefit businesses

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Augmented Reality and Remote Training

  Companies providing products and services require the ability to train and support staff. This is to obtain high standards of safety, efficiency, revenue and product life. Examples of these include suppliers of vending machines, medical equipment, fire safety products

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3 Minute Read: What’s New in AR?

AR has never evolved quicker than it has this year. New developments in the technology are opening up a multitude of opportunities which were not possible, let alone accessible to the masses a few months ago.

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The Golden Rules for VR Design

Want to design for augmented or virtual reality? A little unsure about the do’s and don’ts of the technologies? Have no fear! Our in-house designer, Sophie explains her top tips for VR design.

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