Augmented Reality
There's more to see than meets the eye

We live in an AR World … and we want to bring it to you.

We develop app and installations for experiential, consumer, retail, training and industrial purposes for large brand clients, often via their preferred agency partners.

Our AR development services help clients to understand, integrate and develop clever, innovative and effective marketing campaigns using this leading edge technology.

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Development Service

We offer a range of creative and technical services from our UK studio which will help your company gain the best from the technologies on offer, understand the future paths available to you and provide the most effective return for your marketing investment.

There are 3 areas that we can advise and work with you.

AR Content
We can assist in 3D design, motion capture, animation, environment creation and product presentation using AR.

AR Apps
Whether we create the content or you supply it, our developers can then build the AR app for iOS, Android or Windows.

AR Installations
For event based activities, we can design and deliver fully working kits which may involve interactive screens, hand-held devices and wearable hardware.

All of our solutions are fully supported and can be delivered anywhere Worldwide.

What is Augmented Reality?

AR is the method of visually linking the digital and real worlds to give more context or visualisation to the users experience.

This is done by recognising a person’s surroundings and displaying context relative information to the user – usually a smartphone or pad but sometimes a screen or wearable glasses.

There are different types of recognised input which AR can react to:


Once we know where you are, we can provide you with information on your surroundings, what – and who – is nearby and allow you to leave your thoughts and opinions for the next person.


Facial recognition means that we can apply features such as masks and hats or change the appearance of someone by adding make-up, ageing them or making them appear more youthful – all live to the camera.

Image and Objects

Smartphones can be programmed to recognise images and objects which allows us to add enhanced 3D to the view which is presented to the user.

With all of these, we can make content reactive and interactive to the users actions.