Augmented Reality Training & Support Platform

Harmony have developed a unique visual training, troubleshooting and support system to provide intuitive and flexible corporate education to B2B companies.

The platform uses augmented reality to recognise products and display training and troubleshooting content using interactive 3D models, animations and visual learning materials.

User performance data is logged for every device and stored in a secure online management console, making it easy to review and analyse individual user progress, regional usage and identify recurring issues.


By using a low language, interactive smart phone app this platform is enabling staff to independently learn and troubleshoot in a way that is not only more effective, but that is convenient to roll out and update on a Global scale and access at any time or place required.


For Staff – AR provides a more engaging and intuitive learning experience whilst closing skills gaps and boosting confidence in regards to product knowledge.

For Customers – Product up time is maximised and knowledgeable staff create a better overall customer experience.

For Employers – Utilising a digital training platform reduces the need for human support, creating a long term cost efficient solution that facilitates the need to evolve and update over time.

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