Augmented Reality Training & Support Platform

Harmony have developed a unique visual training, troubleshooting and support system for B2B companies based on our award winning Augmented Reality application.
The intelligent, comprehensive platform allows users to understand the crucial aspects of use and maintenance in a low language, 3D visual format.
Augmented reality is used to recognise the product, overlay the animations and allow the user to learn what to do and how.

The management console is a secure, accessible and sophisticated web tool which allows the client to manage training records, respond to issues and oversee product use in one location.

The key platform points are:
– Visual 3D Training using Augmented Reality
– Web Based Training Records with one touch registration
– Self Assist Troubleshooting
– Direct Support with “See you/See me” technology

This gives you, as client, the benefits of:
– Easy implementation
– Low running costs and reduced technician time
– Increased understanding of your product by customers
– Increased up-time of onsite equipment
– Faster and more efficient customer service

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