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AR/VR Equipment Rental

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In addition to AR/VR software and experience development, we also provide equipment for installations and content creation including:

VR Headsets

Oculus Rift CV1 Hire
PC linked Oculus is the de facto for high end delivery of Virtual Reality experiences.
We now stock CV1 units for VR event hire.

NOTE: Please make sure you have an Oculus account set-up in preparation for the rental and, if you have not rented one of our VR PC’s, check your oculus hardware compatibility here.


HTC Vive Hire
The Vive is a great spatial headset giving the freedom to move and interact within a 5m2 area.
We now have stock for the units which come complete with controllers.

NOTE: Please make sure you have a Steam and HTC Vive account setup in preparation for your rental.

Samsung Gear VR Hire including Samsung S6 / S7

We have a range of Samsung Gear headsets for exhibition and event based marketing.
No cables needed, no fuss. Yes, they look cool too.


VR PC Hire

Specialist graphics PC hire
Most installed VR experiences and presentations require high end graphics PCs.
You’ll be pleased to know we can’t move for them here which is why we have a dedicated set of them ready for on-site use and on tour.

VR Camera hire

3D 360 VR Camera Hire
Exclusively in the UK (probably the World), we have a 3D 360 VR rig for indoor and outdoor shoots.
This out-performs the GoPro Odessey (it has 18 cameras running 60 fps PLUS a 19th camera mounted as a live guide unit) in a addition to superior finished quality to the Nokia Ozo, significantly more cost effective than the Panocam and more versatile than the Lucid. This is the most technically advanced VR camera available and the edited content is 16K (though finished content is likely to be 4k) .
We ONLY rent equipment with one of our technicians to advise, run all camera operations and assist with post production services.
The output is suitable for Google Jump and integrated VR content into apps and PC applications.
This product is not available for direct sale or “equipment only” rent.
We can also arrange the smaller 360 VR units configurations and hire if required.
Single shoots with stitching by our Kolor trained staff.


Samsung Gear 360 Hire including Samsung 7
Great cameras with back to back lenses which capture and stitch in one go so there is no post processing required.

4k capture at 30 frames per second is great for most VR headsets and allows a great deal of creative freedom.

Units come with 32Gb high speed SD card and S7 for live monitoring and file copying.

Ricoh Theta S Hire
Great cameras with back to back lenses which capture and stitch in one go so there is no post processing required.

2k capture at 30 frames per second is good for most VR headsets and allows testing and low profile shoots to take place easily.


Custom 2D 360 VR Camera Hire
We have exclusive 2D 360 filming rigs available for various conditions and events which can record a full 360 view ready for stitching and post production editing.
We can supply technical resource for filming days in addition to post shoot stitching if required.

Other AR/VR equipment

AR Camera hire
Some Augmented Reality content is delivered using standard HD cameras but much of the advanced AR uses a range of cameras referred to as RGBD. The D is the depth setting which is calculated using an infra-red camera next to a normal lens.
We have a range of these available and each differs in capabilities.
Kinect 1/2.0
Intel RealSense (Front and Rear use)
Asus Xtion Pro
Google Tango
Contact us for advice.
iPad and Tablet Hire
For most events using AR or handheld VR, one or two pre-loaded pads are ideal for delivering the best experiences.
Our wide range of kits includes long charge leads, mounts and covers for the simplest implementation.
For high volume use, we can arrange rental with our partners for a minimum period of just 3 days.
iOS, Android and Windows devices available.
Immersive Kit Hire
Beyond basic VR, we build and deploy the full immersive hardware for experience which are incomparable to headsets alone.
Immersive kits combine software controlled motion seating, VR headsets, Spatial audio headsets, hand recognition and VRangrance – our unique scent delivery system.
Contact us for configuration and pricing.

We also have additional components for the best in AR and VR experiences such as Leap Motion units, Epson BT200/2000, integrated “magic mirror” screens, all in one AR units, technicians and specialist brand ambassadors available.

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