We have been working closely with modern slavery charity, Unseen to create a short immersive film about forced labour in Great Britain. 

Why 360 Video?

VR has the ability to provoke strong emotions and reactions. This is due to the way that VR closer resembles the way we view the real world than any other media platform. By mimicking the way our eyes view our surroundings, audiences no longer feel such an obvious disconnect between themselves and the content they are viewing – instead they feel a greater sense of immersion and believability.

This is why we wanted to help Unseen drive home an important message using VR. By taking the audience into the heart of the issue we hoped to not only inform them, but to help them relate an understand more about the realities, thoughts and fears modern slavery causes.

The Project Itself

Using 360 video allowed us to tell a story through more than just acting and dialogue alone. We were able to suggest elements of the narrative using the full environment and enabled viewers to build their own perceptions of the story and the victim’s background. For example, the setting for the video was very cramped and dirty and there were many beds squashed into the space. This immediately emphasised to viewers how victims are forced to live in unhygienic and overcrowded living spaces, without the need to reference it directly through speech or action.

The immersive video format also allowed us to communicate what the victim was going though from multiple perspectives. By layering animation, dialogue, sounds and text over the top of the master 360 shot (which depicted the victim in real time) we were able to show what the victim was being physically subjected to, whilst also giving a very personal insight into his inner thoughts.  By voicing these internal fears it gave audiences a meaningful connection with the character and created the feeling that the victim was confiding in the viewer, which we hoped would prompt them to remember the video, spread awareness and ultimately act.

Feedback and Moving Forward

We recently had the opportunity to put the film forward for the Aesthetica Film Festival where it was played as part of a category of VR films on social change. The format of the film was received very well and proved effective at enlightening audiences to the realities of modern slavery in Great Britain.

Moving forward, we aim to produce a series of more short films with Unseen to shed light on other forms of modern slavery.

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