The Brain in 3D

Harness the power of augmented reality using your own smart device. Download our free app from the app store or google play store and explore and interact with the human brain.

By using augmented reality (AR), the user gains an amazing insight into the tissues, structures and areas of the mind by moving the device around the special artwork provided.

You can choose to view the mind in AR or switch to a 3D mode within the device and rotate with your fingers.

The three dimensional models are colour coded to provide clear, concise and easy to follow views of the brain.

The app provides an advanced and interactive view of the head and mind which is perfect for educational demonstrations, learning at home or just the enjoyment of finding out more about how our inner-selves work.

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What’s new in version 2.0.0

  • Virtual Reality mode lets you see the inner brain.
  • Supports Dive by Durovis.
  • Audio commentary provided by a medical professional.
  • Performance, visual and user interface enhancements.
  • Automatic AR and 3D mode switching.
  • Capture screenshot and share.
  • Sections of the brain are highlighted when selected.

To use:

Latest version

Previous version

  • Download the latest version of The Brain AR App
  • Print out the correct artwork for your version, you can print in colour or black and white.
  • In AR mode, point the device at the printed image.
  • Switch on and off the various layers – you can animate the brain areas to open and close.
  • Tap the brain parts to see the labels and hear the description.

In 3D Mode:

  • Rotate by swiping the screen.