Slendertone Launch

The Global product launch with a difference. The Slendertone Connect Abs launch featured product ambassador, Alex Crockford emerging into the real world space to form a virtual gym right before viewers eyes.

Having been let down by another agency, we had to go from a blank page to launch day in 4 weeks flat. Added to that, we wanted to do something that really pushed the boat out and delivered something that hadn’t been seen before. We went to see the product, absorbed the creative brief, story boarded the concepts and went to work.

The launch piece utilised the Samsung Gear VR headsets but instead of solely utilising them for VR, we used the device cameras to blend the real and digital worlds together. We then modelled and motion captured the brand ambassador “Alex” so that he appeared live in the VR gym which displayed after an augmented introduction. This combination of video, augmented and virtual realities contributed to a truly engaging and diverse experience. Many people don’t consider using multiple forms of digital realities in one experience, however Slendertone is a fantastic example of how variety can boost engagement.

Our Comment

Fantastic client and a really good project to work on. Everything came together brilliantly and the launch went flawlessly – later making it to CES in Las Vegas.

Client Comment

“As an innovation led company we were delighted to use this leading edge presentation for our launch. Exciting and professional delivery.”

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