We used Apple’s new AR Kit to create a product preview app that allowed users to place a real size product into their environment without the need of a target image to trigger the augmented reality content.

Rossana are a premium kitchen furniture brand who were looking to create an application that would allow users to digitally preview their kitchen furniture products in their own space.

We created a proof of concept smart device app that allowed users to place a miniature, or full scale model of one of the stunning Rosanna work tops into their real environment. Users simply had to tap on the flat surface that they wanted to place the model onto, and that was it! AR kit’s environmental understanding technology and motion tracking enabled the model to be placed onto any flat plane and lock there so that users could move around all sides of the model and view it as if it was really there.

The app also allowed users to rotate the model independently and interact with it to showcase special features through animations.

Overall the app worked very effectively at providing a fast and convenient solution to previewing such large scale products, whether it was in show rooms, a new development location or an existing kitchen. When you’re spending six figures on a kitchen for life, it pays to have the most leading edge technology helping you to make the right choice.

Watch our short demo of the app in action below:

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