myMall AR

myMall is an award winning subscription service that uses the latest augmented reality technologies to provide cutting edge promotional campaigns to shopping centres, with the aim of increasing footfall, driving customer interactions and engaging with shoppers in a completely fresh and intuitive way.

There is no denying that we live in a digital age. It has become very easy for us as consumers to find and buy what we want, when we want – all from the comfort of our own homes. However, this increased convenience is causing issues for retailers who are facing the challenge of attracting falling numbers of shoppers to their physical retail sites. This is why, in 2015 retail giant JLL tasked us with creating a completely unique way to make Christmas more exciting for families visiting one of their shopping centres. The solution was as elegant as it was simple – a set of custom designed floor markers which led children to Santa’s Grotto spelling a magic word along the way and being led to their destination by following a 3d penguin.

The results of the 6 week campaign were clear. The simple and intuitive nature of the app, the ability to download it quickly onto any device and the engaging visuals were extremely well received. Our sprinkling of Harmony Christmas magic delivered a 12% increase in visitor numbers to the Grotto within the trial period. We also went on to win ‘Judges Choice for Innovation’ at the prestigious Purple Apple Marketing Awards for the campaign.

How has the idea evolved since then?

myMall is now a fully functioning year round subscription service offering retailers unique and interactive campaigns to run on their chosen locations. We’re also proud to share that our partnership with British Land that began in 2016 has now meant that myMall is being rolled out across 20+ shopping centre locations nationwide and has since been nominated in the 2016 Auggie Awards and is currently a finalist in the Retail Week Tech Awards which will come to a close in September 2017.

Client Comment

“The app looks incredible, well designed and engaging. Brilliant idea and definitely has the wow factor.” – JLL, 2016

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