The pharmaceutical industry and holds a reputation for being consistently clinical and professional – but Hospira thought it was about time to inject some fun into the mix.

Beyond the direct usefulness of using augmented reality to visualise medical processes, the technology can be used to enhance many other areas of communications – not just in healthcare, but within many business structures.

Global pharmaceutical company, Hospira, were hosting an event space attended by medical professionals and wanted to create a unique and exciting offering that was easy to use, swift and fun. The aim of the app was to bring a fun and relaxed atmosphere to a highly professional event and break down communication barriers between attendees. Because what’s life without a little fun, right?

We created a smart device app based around acrobatics that took a ‘selfie’ of users and used their faces to construct a vibrant 3D trapeze act scene were they were the star. At the end of the experience users could also stand next to an AR representation of their character and take a photo with them for posterity.

The app worked very effectively at creating an unexpected and memorable experience for attendees and was thoroughly enjoyed and complimented extensively.