Experiential Intelligent Management System (EIMS)

Building the Augmented Reality software for installations is challenging and great fun but we found that the digital infrastructure is sometimes a little “lacking” for the user, brand owner and partner agencies.

Experiential installations normally allow people to walk up and enjoy a visualisation or interaction, learn more about a brand and then walk away again.

The environments can often be erratic in terms of traffic flow, internet connectivity, access to equipment and touring kit. In addition, we found that in the early days information was often not collected, linked or analysed very well nor made available to key stakeholders in a timely fashion.

So, in the true Harmony way, we built a flexible, adaptable system that allowed varied forms of registration (from “detailed” to “none”), enjoy the activities freely and receive any branded content via email, Twitter, Facebook or other social platform.

All of this data is uploaded to our servers (any time an internet connection is available) and presented in a digestible form via a secure web portal. We can also add edit and publish options at this stage to ensure that all necessary guidelines are adhered to for the client.