Create your own personalised world using the power of discovAR interactive colouring books.

In collaboration with Alive Lab Ltd we have produced a series of four interactive colouring books that come to life and display user’s custom designs and colours straight onto the environments. The books work in conjunction with a free smart device app that allows users to personalise an alien character to their liking and use that character to explore the various environments seen in the colouring pages.

Users simply have to colour their chosen designs using as many different materials and patterns as they wish and use their device’s built in camera to scan the image to bring it to life in 3D.

Each environment contains 3 floating globes which users must discover and direct their character towards in order to collect themed facts linked to their chosen image. These facts can be presented in a variety of languages and also create a three star rating for each colouring page so that users can track their progress.

As a bonus offering we also produced a range of ‘action cards’ featuring the beloved aliens from the main app. These action cards were produced with the intention of encouraging children to complete daily tasks in a fun and entertaining way. The cards included animations for brushing teeth, exercising, going to sleep, eating healthily and having fun.

Combining such a traditional product concept with this innovative and modern twist has enabled us to create a unique product that does more than just entertain users. This product encourages children to think more creatively and learn whilst they have fun.

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