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Finger Tip Control

This is a bit of an old one but we use Leap sensors to allow us to do fingertip control of 3D objects, gesture control and screen animations.

7D Virtual Reality

So… everyone knows we are an AR studio but we also love immersing ourselves in a little Virtual Reality every now and then.
The problem is that vanilla VR isn’t enough for us – we want experiences that you can see, feel and hear like real life – in 7D as it were.

Motion Capture Experiments

Well here is quick example of how we capture a persons movement, create a 3D model and textures and then make it all come to life – in less than 30 seconds (the video, not the work involved!)

Developers Gone 3D

Our developers were given the opportunity to try out the New Durovis Dive hands-free VR headset. To say the least they were more than impressed. Have a look at some more of the Durovis-talk online and make your own leap

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in your dream home

Our developers have been looking into 3D models of their dream homes, in an attempt to discover what living there would be like. Whether it be a cottage, mansion or even a tipis you’re looking for, anything is possible with

Virtual Cockroach

The augmented insect app that allows you to interact and control a realistic virtual representation of a cockroach, not for those susceptible to Entomophobia (insectophobia)!” Through AR, users are able to take an educational insight into the striking as well

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