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WebXR – How Browser Based Technology is Shaping MR Experiences

Augmented Reality (AR) is a great way for users to experience a life-like version of your product, but up until recently an app has been the standout way to bring this experience to your target audience. Now, through the power

Redefining the XR space; AI Edition

Augmented, virtual and mixed reality solutions offer innovative ways to engage with users, streamline operations and stay ahead of the competition. With the addition of AI into the mix, we can go further; delivering personalised, intelligent and interactive solutions that

Virtual Training for Ambulance Crews Becomes a Reality

Harmony Studios is proud to announce our partnership with ResponderVR, a provider of virtual First Aid Training to ERS Medical, a leading provider of healthcare transport services. Together, we have launched a revolutionary virtual reality training program that allows paramedics

Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality Combine in Children’s Toy Products

“Mardles” Artificial Intelligence (AI) Augmented stickers launching in Summer 2023 Mardles, the award-winning Augmented Reality children’s toy brand, are launching the most exciting addition to their range yet with the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence. The special stickers can be placed

What is AR, XR, MR and VR? Stripping back the World of Digital Reality and the Metaverse. Augmented, Mixed, Virtual and eXtended defined.

People in the Tech Industry shouldn’t be able to make up the names or acronyms for things they invent – it should be a law. It is hard enough to describe a set of visual technologies without having them labelled

The Perks of using Virtual Reality to Train Employees

Covid-19 has affected businesses in many ways throughout the past year, however, training is one area that should not have been! With an increasingly remote based workforce, we have developed the perfect online training platform! Not only does this benefit businesses

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