Immersive Technologies

Immersive Technologies

Reality is believing whatever your senses believe. This is precisely what makes VR so exciting – anything is possible with the right simulation tools.

Our objective in creating immersive content is to involve all senses to the greatest extent and communicate with purpose, believability, and realism. To do this, we have had to reach beyond what is commercially available in terms of hardware and develop technologies ourselves to allow us to synchronise additional layers of sensory interaction into our VR experiences. We call this EEVR (Enhanced Environment Virtual Reality).

Using a combination of technologies we are able to produce VR experiences that tap into user’s sight, sound, smell, motion, touch and even brainwaves to create full body immersive encounters.

Some examples of our work in virtual reality include:


Experiential Encounters

Using our EEVR technology we develop custom CGI environments that tap into a range of senses. From fantasy worlds to space adventures, these types of experiences push the boundaries of imagination.

Our outer Space experience, The Limit, takes users into a high pressure space disaster scenario where we monitor their heart rates using EEG to determine whether they survive or die based on their ability to stay calm under pressure. We also use our motion seats to trick the brain into thinking it’s experiencing extensive motion (in reality it’s tilting at about 10 degrees) to reduce the effects of motion sickness and allow users to truly feel as if what they are seeing is real.

These sensory additions combined with spatial audio and high quality visuals combine to make a breathtaking experience. Literally.


Demonstrative Experiences

Virtual reality is a fantastic way to transport users to just about any location or situation. This makes it a very useful tool for demonstrating ideas and locations and can act as the next best thing to physically placing users into a real situation (which may not always be possible).

We worked with Zero Collective to create a range of immersive virtual reality experiences for Delta Airlines that took users into the business class cabins of their planes.

Users were not only able to see and hear what was going on in the cabin, but they were also able to pick up and touch a virtual cookie, accompanied by that freshly baked smell. Yum.


Environmental Simulations

Virtual reality can create a truly memorable and lasting impression on users if done right. This is why we always aim to create cutting edge experiences and never settle for the mediocre.

When we were approached by Brittany Ferries and tasked with creating a VR attraction for customers on board their cruise ships we wanted to create something visually stunning.

Our solution was to take customers on an exciting underwater journey using 360 virtual reality visuals and spatial sound. Users could explore their whole environment and get a feel for what it would be like to be situated on the sea bed underneath the cruise ships they were currently on.

From ship wrecks and shoals of fish to endangered turtles and blue whales – users certainly had the best seat in the house for viewing a range of natural wonders.


360 Video

As well as creating CGI VR experiences we now also produce exceptionally high quality 360 video. We shoot in 2D or 3D 360, depending on the immersive quality requirement of the finished product and can even stitch and edit the footage in house, making for a straight forward and consistent production process.

Our VR videos are suitable for a range of applications including but not exclusive to medical demonstrations (surgeries and procedures), theatrical demonstrations, retail space previews and live 360 event streaming.