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We have a long history of working in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical markets. This breadth of experience has given us the chance to create leading edge AR and VR health care offerings which act as hugely useful tools for medical professionals and the general public alike.

The way we develop AR and VR content for healthcare is dependent on the commercial objectives of the client and the availability of source materials. We usually either create full CGI environments (to allow for very large scale or small scale demonstrations) or we shoot in 3D 360 (for locations such as operating theatres, manufacturing units, medical trials) to give the sensation of “being there” – often with a key specialist present to talk and guide the user.

Our academic experience working in these markets has also provided us with a lot of understanding of the legal requirements, sign off processes and approval systems required when producing pharmaceutical apps. We also understand the importance of adhering to strict guidelines in regards to what, when and how information is communicated.

We have also developed numerous online systems which allows for regular checks with project managers and easy preparation for their legal teams to monitor and approve final content.

Some examples of our work in healthcare include:


Interactive Healthcare Products

In recent years the health care industry has become very personalised. The general public are taking health and fitness into their own hands and are using online resources and mobile apps to monitor their health, find new products and learn about how they can improve their general well being.

This is why it is of great benefit for health and fitness brands to incorporate internal product information and related resources straight into their customer experience, and what better way to do it than with visually captivating augmented reality.

We created an app with Parker Williams for a range of nutritional proteins made by Glaxo Smith Kline that was activated by the product packaging and displayed product information, an expanded range, product comparisons and health advice all in one convenient place.

The results were not only visually impressive, informative and interactive but provided the basis for future blueprints and requirements across a wide range of product groups.


Entertainment and Team Building

Beyond the direct purpose of using augmented reality to inform and educate about medical processes, the technology can also be used to enhance many other areas of communications – and not just in healthcare, but within any business structure.

Global pharmaceutical company, Hospira were hosting a stand at an event for medical professionals and were looking for an experience that would draw attention, break down communication barriers and add an element of fun to a highly professional environment.

To meet their requirements we created a smart device app based around acrobatics that took a ‘selfie’ of the users and used their image to construct a vibrant 3D trapeze act scene starring using their faces on the characters. At the end of the experience users could also stand next to an AR representation of their character and take a photo with them for posterity.

The app worked very effectively at creating a memorable experience for attendees and was thoroughly enjoyed and complimented throughout the event.