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MyMall: Gnomee’s Egg Hunt

Following the success of our first Christmas campaign with British Land, we knew that people would be excited to see what we had in store for our Spring offering – and rightly so.

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Explore the Brain in Augmented Reality!

We are delighted to announce our new release on the Microsoft Holostore of the hugely successful Brain AR app. Now in its 3rd version the app is used in Universities, Schools and at home to interactively learn about brain anatomy – and the best bit is it’s free!

Harmony Studios


No sensation links with memory stronger than smell. This is why we have developed our custom software controlled fragrance units, to create atmospheric VR experiences that will certainly not be forgotten. Our ‘VRagrance’ systems create direct links between virtual experiences

Harmony Studios

Immersion VR Seats

Virtual Reality is great but we never we don’t do thing in ordinary flavours at Harmony. We were frustrated with motion sickness limiting the scope of VR and we wanted to create experiences with more immersion than a simple headset

Harmony Studios

3D 360 Filming

We have spent a long time developing the perfect 3D 360 camera for our shoots and we are delighted to have hooked up with Insta360 who have produced the new PRO camera system. We are the first in the UK

Harmony Studios

3D Print your own 4K 360 Camera

We owe a lot to the open source community so we like to give something back every now and then. We design and build custom rigs for VR filming and this is a really useful one for high quality 360

Harmony Studios

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