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The Augmented Reality Revolution

So, whats the deal with augmented reality? Is it here to stay or is it just another fleeting phase in the technology timeline? Hear our thoughts….

Harmony Studios

Apple vs Google: AR Kit vs AR Core

Who will come out on top? Google and Apple have both launched their competing AR development platforms this year and are going head to head in a battle for who can bring AR to the masses.

Harmony Studios

Spatial Sound in VR

It’s easier to trick the brain into creating an audible illusion of an environment than it is to trick the brain into seeing a believable image. This is why the virtual reality industry puts such a strong focus on creating jaw dropping visuals and overlooks advancing realistic sound simulation technology.

Harmony Studios

Stories That Come To LIFE!

Our latest venture with Mardles has launched! This set of exciting, interactive story books come to life in augmented reality using smart phones and tablets. Story time will never be the same again!

Harmony Studios

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