360 Video Production

360 Video Production

We produce high quality 360 videos for creative, corporate and training purposes.

We offer a range of 360 video services available to meet your content creation needs – whether you are looking for a team to plan, film and edit your video for you, or whether you just need a helping hand with part of the process. Just drop us an email or give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and show you some of our work.

Our 360 content creation service is comprised of three main areas.

We can upload content to platforms such as FaceBook, YouTube and Vimeo for social distribution, or pre load content onto VR hardware such as Oculus Rifts or Samsung Gear VRs for event purposes (rental prices not included).

We will organise captured footage, cut, correct and add effects to it to bring your idea to life.

We discuss and form a creative plan with our clients. Our trained technicians will provide training and equipment if required, or will capture the required footage for you.

Popular uses for the technology include:

Medical Demonstrations

We have worked alongside surgeons and medical professionals to capture the entirety of an operating theatre for student learning purposes.

Automotive and Aviation Showcase

What better way to display the ins and outs of exclusive vehicles than in full 360. We have created 360 photos and videos for everything from Formula 1 racing cars to vintage aeroplanes (whilst in flight!)

Creative/Entertainment Use

Create an unforgettable marketing campaign or a creative short with a difference. There are a whole new world of storytelling opportunities when users are immersed in the story.

Real Estate

360 video provides the perfect platform for previewing an existing property. We can also produce CGI 360 environments for previewing future developments.

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