360 Video Production

360 Video Production

We produce high quality 360 videos for creative, corporate and training purposes.

Whether you are looking for a full content creation service or you just need a helping hand with part of the process, we can help. Just drop us an email or give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and show you some of our work.

We can also supply you with a team for 360 live stream of events and presentations on Facebook and YouTube in addition to post production work.

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[beau_icon_box icon_type=”fa” icon_fa=”fa fa-film” icon_size=”50″ title=”2D 360 FILMING” css_animation=”fadeIn”]Hire a camera to try for yourself or hire a technician to produce and edit the footage for you. We also offer hardware training.[/beau_icon_box][beau_icon_box icon_type=”fa” icon_fa=”fa fa-desktop” icon_size=”50″ title=”360 EDITING” css_animation=”fadeIn”]We can stitch and assemble your footage, as well as add titles, images, graphics and effects to bring your production together.[/beau_icon_box]
[beau_icon_box icon_type=”fa” icon_fa=”fa fa-eye” icon_size=”50″ title=”3D 360 VIDEO” css_animation=”fadeIn”]We can record and edit 3D 360 footage up to 8K to create clear, seamless productions with an added sense of visual depth.[/beau_icon_box][beau_icon_box icon_type=”fa” icon_fa=”fa fa-globe” icon_size=”50″ title=”LIVE STREAMING” css_animation=”fadeIn”]We can live stream your event in 360 using the Insta 360 Pro camera. We’re one of a small selection of agencies in the UK with this exclusive camera.[/beau_icon_box]
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Best suitable for:

  • Live Events – Stream from your location and distribute all over the World – live in 360
  • Entertainment – Immerse audiences into any scene and explore new creative opportunities in 360.
  • Travel – Transport users anywhere in the world in seconds as you become their virtual travel guide.
  • Training – Give users a hands on training experience that sits them right in the action. Great for medical demos and manual trades.
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Our 360 content creation service is comprised of three main areas.

[beau_icon_box icon_type=”fa” icon_fa=”fa fa-cube” icon_size=”50″ title=”CONTENT CREATION” css_animation=”fadeIn”]Our trained technicians will capture footage or provide the equipment and training requested.[/beau_icon_box]
[beau_icon_box icon_type=”fa” icon_fa=”fa fa-desktop” icon_size=”50″ title=”POST PRODUCTION” css_animation=”fadeIn”]We will organise captured footage, cut, correct and add effects to it to bring your idea to life.[/beau_icon_box]
[beau_icon_box icon_type=”fa” icon_fa=”fa fa-exchange” icon_size=”50″ title=”DISTRIBUTION” css_animation=”fadeIn”]We can prepare content for online distribution or for event purposes using VR hardware (rental prices not included).[/beau_icon_box]
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