Augmented Reality Development

We don't just love AR... we live it!

It's not just our development skills that count, we bring passion and dedication.

Our AR development services help clients to understand, integrate and develop clever, innovative and effective marketing campaigns using this leading edge technology.

What is Augmented Reality?

AR (or, as we sometimes refer to it, 'Enhanced Reality') is the method of visually linking the digital and real worlds.

This is done by recognising a person's surroundings and displaying information on a screen - usually a smartphone or pad.

There are two different types of input which AR can react to:


Once we know where you are, we can provide you with information on your surroundings, what - and who - is nearby and allow you to leave your thoughts and opinions for the next person.


Smartphone cameras can recognise images and even objects which allows us to add enhanced 3D to the view which is presented to the user. With both of these, we can make content reactive and interactive to the users actions.

Development Service

We offer a range of design and development services which will help your company gain the best from the technologies on offer, understand the future paths available to you and provide the most effective return for your marketing investment.

There are 3 areas that we can advise and work with you.

AR Browsers

Several freely available AR browser apps exist on the market – Layar, Junaio and Aurasma to name a few.

We can provide you with the expertise and content to make the most of the marketing opportunities that these browsers offer.

AR Apps

Many aspects of AR can be delivered through your company’s existing app or you can have one developed specifically for you, your product or your campaign.

The Growth of AR

Digital Marketing has been rapidly increasing in importance as a mainstream channel for nearly 20 years – certainly as long as Harmony has been around as an agency servicing UK and International businesses.

AR is the next generation of this revolution which is why we have been so excited about it for so long.

AR offers new commercial opportunities is brand interaction, user journeys and promotion from place, page and product.

Onvert AR Creative Suite

Onvert is a free web and app AR framework designed and developed internally here at Harmony.

We built a custom renderer, web portal and wrote the animation language for 3D, on the fly, AR delivery. To find out more, see the onvert case study.