eRetail Integrations

BaronJon is a cutting edge UK menswear retailer, based in Letchworth Hertfordshire and looked to Harmony to create their first online presence in 2008, which is now their largest store

With a strong high street investment in shops across the UK, BaronJon were sceptical about the web’s ability to deliver the brand ideals, and defensive of the impact it could have on the established stores. is now considered the largest store in the chain, has grown from strength to strength and in the past 12 months alone online purchases have increased by over 300 per cent.

Consumer confidence on the high street may be waning in some sectors due to the economic slowdown, but online fashion sales are proving highly resilient.

"The website has allowed us to understand our market better than before, with keen insight into buyer purchasing behaviour"Lewis Selt, BaronJon Partner

Harmony designed and developed to accommodate a growing business from menswear to include womenswear, and children's clothing from multiple brands.

Sales initially were only through, using Barclays as a payment portal to match up with stores, but as the site took off the payment system was replaced for SagePay and later PayPal.

A second portal, was developed in 2010 with an entirely different front-end design to promote the leather products, managed from the same back end manager.

"Only the very largest high street stores could ever stock and sell 300 leather jackets of the same size and colour in a single week. For this level of turnover occurs ever more frequently as the customer base grows and our brand extends online."Lewis Selt, BaronJon Partner

Multi-channel Control

With the introduction of selling on Amazon, Priceminister, eBay and, the manager underwent an upgrade to allow for control across many platforms, starting with

  • Sell on all platforms with one click
  • Detailed sales reports
  • Live stock management across a variety of devices
  • Full customer order history
  • Bespoke automated emails
  • Staff activity tracking
  • Dispatch acknowledgements with tracking
  • Automated warehouse pick list
  • Full Royal Mail shipping integration

Stock Management

Harmony's assistance to BaronJon extends further than the website.

With online marketing, and even a bespoke stock-taking system, where warehouse employees use iPads and barcode scanners to update central stock levels, instantly reflecting on all the sales channels. Returned stock can be scanned and re-allocated into the pool ensuring stock adjustment is instant and synchronised.


BaronJon's sales are further boosted by their bespoke eBay shop front which in itself acts like a small store.

Once a customer has viewed one of their products they are then able to navigate with ease through the full range of products.

This store enables BaronJon to promote discounts and new collections via the store homepage. All of which can be controlled through the BaronJon manager system.

The latest edition to the BaronJon multi-channel system is the integration.

Staff are now able to produce product listings and despatch reports at the click of a button, as well as import orders into the system.

All of this is communicated through the API system. This enables them to be as efficient as possible thus giving their customers a very quick and reliable service.

Customer Profiling customers are frequent return purchasers via the website, as well as visiting the stores, proving that the initial fears that an online presence would divert sales, has in reverse, supported them, and extended sales to over 18 different countries.