Our Lab

Welcome to the Harmony Labs

This is not an industry that allows us to stand still so we spend a lot of important time researching, developing, creating (and playing) which allows us to deliver great solutions to our clients.

This is a peek into some of the results of our lab time which we hope you enjoy.

Virtual Cockroach.

The augmented reality insect app that allows you to interact and control a realistic virtual representation of a cockroach.

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TFM&A 2014

Our video on the role of Harmony at Technology for Marketing and Advertising 2014 Show.

The two day event at the National Hall, London Olympia, was a great event. Here is a video documenting our series of events.

3D Cottage

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in your dream home?

Our developers have been looking into 3D models of their dream homes, in an attempt to discover what living there would be like.

Whether it be a cottage, mansion or even a tipis you're looking for, anything is possible with AR.

Developers gone 3D

Stepping into a new virtual reality.

Our developers were given the opportunity to try out the New Durovis Dive hands-free VR headset. To say the least they were more than impressed.

Have a look at some more of the Durovis-talk online and make your own leap into virtual reality.

Motion Capture Experiments

We’ve often been asked to show how we do avatar style AR – think Princess Leia in Star Wars being projected by R2D2.

Well here is quick example of how we capture a persons movement, create a 3D model and textures and then make it all come to life – in less than 30 seconds (the video, not the work involved!)

Bringing a Building to Life

Using AR, we can make a muddy patch of soil spring to life and show you the wonderful constructions appear before your eyes.

You can then be free to walk around them and explore the 3D environment with you chosen device – cool eh?

The Augmented Reality Brain App

The Inside the Brain app lets you peel away the layers of tissue to reveal the inner workings of the mind.

Two modes can be used for viewing the content, AR and 3D within the phone, and audio labels allow you understand the areas of the brain and the functions.

We loved making the app so we hope you enjoy playing and learning from it to.

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Android app on Google Play

Everybody's been Kung Fu fighting

Well, technically, Kick boxing actually.

We’ve been busy animating all of the key moves of a kick boxer for a new augmented reality app so it's lucky that we have a female UK champion in our team!

Look out for some slick moves on products near you soon.

Ever wanted to see yourself in AR?

So a client wanted their customers to see themselves in an augmented reality environment and had been told it wasn't possible.

Oh, we do love a challenge!

We designed an app that captures the users face and then allows you to watch a 3D model perform acrobatics – and it’s you!

Whilst we could explain the polygons, maths and textures, it’s easier just to tell you that it looks very, very cool.

Concept AR app

We were asked to produce the technology to deliver a new model of car at a car show as a "Virtual launch".

100 iPads would be loaded up with the app and handed to eager viewers so that they could walk around a stand and inspect the car in detail, switching on virtual lights and even changing the paint colour.

Though the timing of the idea meant that the project couldn’t go ahead, it did get us playing with some of the new high resolution lighting and models now available and who knows, one day timings may be just right to deliver synchronised virtual car launch all over the World.

Product Design in AR

Product development can be expensive and time consuming so letting people see your ideas in AR is a great way to explain the benefits.

This clever brochure is aimed at improving the life of people who have FibroME by explaining the issues and looking at novel solutions.

How does a concept grow?

The problem with great ideas is that they need to be packaged as concepts before the real work begins.

We put this graphic together to show how the process evolves from a quick sketch version of an idea to a refined, glossy, ready to go high resolution item of artwork. Sorted.

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This one made it out of the labs but really just started as experimentation.

Using the our Onvert system, we created a Facebook app that allows you to select your face from any of the wonderful photos you and friends have uploaded. Then, using a secret formula and some powerful psychological questions (all of which was done during a lunch break), we produce a 3D, augmented reality cartoon character of you. There are thousands around the World – from Vampires to Athletes, Mermaids to Ghosts – dare you hatch yours?

The Greenest engine

OK, more cars but this is very much the softer side of motoring.

All engines are just recycled and refined from the earth – so we created a quick graphic to represent it.

Butterfly Card

You nearly blinded me

anonymous Harmony client

Sometimes our ideas just shouldn't get out of the laboratory - in fact, they should be locked away for our own protection.

Our logo has always had a butterfly element to it so we thought "What a brilliant idea, have a little butterfly that flies into the air when the card is opened".

We designed and printed boxes of them and eagerly awaited peoples reaction to the rubber band powered surprise.

Regretfully, the complaints that arrived, threat of court action and statements such as "You nearly blinded me" and "What if I had a weak heart?" will echo for many years.

Still, they were quite fun.