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Earlier this year we were invited to attend the TFMA (Technology for Marketing and Advertising) event to showcase Harmony.

Alongside hundreds of other partners and supporters throughout the two-day event, including the likes of Brand Republic and doubledutch, we were able to exhibit ourselves as one of the most popular supporting partners of the event.

The relationship between technology and clothing hasn't always been successful.

However with the recent rise of gadgets like Google Glass and smartwatches, it seems the foundations of wearable technology have finally been formed.

For this week, Our AR of Our Time is the rise of wearable technology.

Many businesses underestimate the value of their intellectual property and do not protect themselves.

Intellectual property is any creation of the mind, such as an invention, literature, art, and also symbols, names, images and designs used in commerce.

Businesses often do not appreciate the value or the significance of their intellectual property, and therefore do not exploit their rights.

Almost half of UK internet users now go online via mobile phones, discovered by the Office for National Statistics in 2011. In 2010, only 31% used their phone, a significant rise.

For businesses who are not yet embracing the mobile market to engage their customers, a decision has to made as to whether a business develops a mobile website or a mobile app for their customers.

Each individual business may make a different decision based on their customer profile and services. However, some factors are generic between the two solutions.

Whether you feel it's time for a change or you are about to select your first partner in business, the route to selecting an agency is an important one.

Most creative industries will require similar steps to those shown here but the focus is really on the web development industry. In general, bear in mind a few factors.

Firstly, your selection at this point will probably have a lasting effect for the coming 4-5 years at least - most likely even well beyond the period of time you are dealing directly with an agency.

Writing a brief for a website, or indeed any marketing or business requirement, is not commonly a regular undertaking.

When you, or the company you are employed by, decide it is time to create, redesign or enhance a website, you will need to work out what is to be achieved, and how much a solution will cost.

You will also need to find and select a supplier who is able to offer you the best value for money, while capable of delivering to your requirements. The most effective way to begin this potentially daunting process is to create a brief.

If you're not technically minded, it can be daunting to work with a digital marketing agency. Here is our easy guide to making life easier for both parties.

Designers and developers often charge by the hour, so where possible, deliver your requests and resources on a plate.

This might seem like you are doing the hard work, but you are employing your designer to make your website, not fill in the gaps of your business information with guess-work.

The Art and Terminology of Search Engine Optimisation.

Here is a list of helpful little explanations to demystify the wonderful world of getting your site to the top of Google. It won't get you to the top, but it will certainly help you understand some of the instructions others offer (whether good or bad). If you have an obvious one we've missed, let us know.

There are a lot of buzz-words on the internet, and their definitions are often far from simple.

We will concentrate on adding a bit more details about the areas we are involved in, but we'll only be too happy to explain them in person when you meet us too.

Every man and his dog has a website, but it doesn't mean they're easy.

Here is some light-hearted commentary on our suggested do's and don'ts for the World Wide Web. If you can think of issues you would like to cover in future top tips, let us know!