About Harmony

It's amazing what you can learn in 19 years of being a digital agency

About Harmony

Harmony have been providing Digital Marketing services to UK clients for over 19 years and has experience in a wide range of markets and services.

We provide branding and design services in addition to all this web, mobile and Augmented Reality based.


We are always keen to know about great talent.

We use AR recognition systems, C#, Java, Unity, Photoshop, Blender3D, Unity3D, OpenGL and related software.

If passion, dedication, problem solving and creativity sound like you then we would love to hear more.

Pocketbook of Creativity

Sometimes even we get caught into the daily routine of work so we wrote a little book to fix the problem.

A fold out book of hints, tips and reasons why making every day different is important. It’s small, concentrated and fun.

If you’d like a copy, just ask!

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